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Ghosh Legal Services handle dowry Matters, divorce and Child Custody, maintenance for wife and child, Property after divorce matters, maintenance in divorce case, sexual harassment with women, domestic violence , child custody guardian ship cases, etc. and we provide specialized best divorce lawyers in Kolkata. 

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Ghosh Legal Services are one of the top family law firms in the town which is providing best divorce law services in Kolkata  and offers wide range of legal services in the area of family laws, 498A ipc, Hindu marriage act, special marriage acts in respect of dowry cases etc. The modest vision by us is providing legal advice to divorcing couples undergoing emotional, financial and domestic turmoil.


Consult to an Experienced Divorce Lawyer  Online &  Get Advise. 100% Confidentiality. Book Now ! If you want to Apply for Divorce , Contact our Experience Lawyers for assured service. Ger Chat or Phone Support . Expert Divorce Advise in Online Platform.

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Ghosh Legal Services over last many years  got committed ourselves to assist our clients in upholding their rights as an individual. Our Divorce Lawyers have our skilled associates who are recognized for good achievements. We offer day-and-night accessibility and dedicated consultants serve our client desires at any place and anytime.


Divorce lawyer when this word comes in mind, the next line which will appear in mind is confidentiality, transparency and credibility. Since we don’t know anyone personally, we will end up our search on terms like best lawyer for divorce in Kolkata, top divorce lawyer in Kolkata, best divorce lawyer in Kolkata etc.  Here Ghosh Legal services consisting team of Kaushik Ghosh Associates comes for help with their best divorce lawyers. Citizens can avail our specialized services in the matters of matrimonial and family matters.

Our Goals & Achievements on Legal Practices

We dealt with more than 1500 cases in different matrimonial cases in our 20 years practice and since our firm establishment in 2003 in various courts in India.

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 Expert Service in Divorce , Nri Divorce , Mutual Divorce , Dowry Case in Kolkata , Ghosh Legal Services is the  best divorce lawyers in Kolkata. Citizens can avail our specialized services in the matters of matrimonial and family matters.

Mutual Divorce
Mutual Divorce is the best way to dissolve the marital tie. Both spouses need to agree for divorce and it took six months time to complete the procedure.
Contested Divorce
One spouse can file divorce on specific allegation against other spouse and the allegations need to prove in court to get divorce.
NRI Divorce
Ghosh Legal Services provides advisory and services for NRI and foreign nationals from all over the world in matters arising out of Indian marriage/ Divorce / Family law. Our top divorce lawyers In Kolkata handles this task efficiently.

Annulment of marriage can be done if marriage took place on fraud or misrepresentation of facts. After annulling of marriage status of party will be treated as unmarried.
498A I.P.C
It is a criminal case filed by the wife against the husband and in-laws for mental physical violence and demand of dowry.
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence can happen in many ways and now Protection of Women from Domestic Violence 2005 has may many reliefs which can be claimed in court by wife.
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You need the best Divorce Lawyers to handle your case and get the outcome that suits both parties. Getting a divorce can be a tough and strenuous experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  Ghosh Legal Services will assist you every step of the way with what you are going through and see your situation from both sides. You can be sure that you will get a tailor-made solution for your case and it will be handled by reputable lawyers with years of experience and successful cases.

Case Investigation

It’s during this challenging time that Ghosh Legal Services can help you through your predicament and listen to your concerns. A professional divorce lawyer  knows the different intricacies of Indian law and what can and can’t be done. This is why finding the best divorce lawyer is so crucial. It’s not just for you; it’s for the benefit of your whole family.

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It doesn’t matter if you need divorce lawyers in Kolkata or even divorce lawyers in India, our team of legal professionals have the experience and background that you need to build a solid case. You need a team who understands what to do every step of the way and fights for you until there is a result. You can be rest assured, by hiring the best divorce lawyers in Kolkata, you will be getting the lawyers you need.