Child custody, divorce, annulment and other legal proceedings know no territorial limit. When non resident Indians, Indians settled abroad or working abroad on a work permit get involved in matrimonial difficulty, it becomes especially difficult for them as direct contact and communication is hard.

Non Resident Indians have the ability to file their applications for divorce in India but since the problem of communication and contact with their attorney is challenging, it can be a hassle for the prospective clients. Trans- Border divorce cases and non Resident Indian divorce laws can be especially challenging.

Our team comprises of expert lawyers based in Kolkata with best testimonials and experience in handling numerous divorce related matters. We have a large amount of success rate so far in handling  international/NRI divorces, maintenance, custody cases. We understand the complexities of distance and will attend court hearings for our clients and keep the need for attendance by the party that is not a Indian Resident, to a minimum. We also encourage alternative methods so as to minimize the need for lengthy travel such as video conferencing and divorce by mutual consent power of attorney. These methods ensure that our clients have a comfortable experience and do not have to travel immense distances and go to courts at odd dates and inculcate huge expenditure on flights. We also constantly update our clients as to the proceedings of the court and ensure that their questions are answered promptly. We are flexible in our timings and our availability to suit the needs of our clients and do our outmost to support our clients. Thus, we have made a name for ourselves in being able to solve cases for our clients who are not Indian Residents and help them with their conflicts.

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